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Courtney &  James
Kindra was AMAZING to work with. She was professional, always on time, and incredibly organized. Kindra was always there to think of the small details/logistics that we weren’t thinking about. There were so many moments in the planning process where we would look at each other and say “what would we do if we didn’t hire Kindra?” She went above and beyond as a coordinator and handled everything so calmly and professionally. So much wedding planning stress was eliminated because Kindra had everything so organized and under control. Our wedding day was executed flawlessly and a huge part of that was due to Kindra. Hire her, you will not regret it!


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Dani & Levi

Kindra kind of fell into our laps, and we couldn't have been more lucky. She was incredibly responsive, gave us great recommendations and helped contact vendors, and covered all the small details that I didn't think of. But aside from her amazing coordination skills, I most appreciated her patience and genuine kindness during the planning process and on our wedding day. She made me feel sane during those last few weeks when I was feeling crazy. And on the day of, I felt like she was another friend that was there calming me down, making sure everything was running smoothly during a time when I was on edge and trying not to panic. I never thought I needed a coordinator, but Kindra made me realize how wrong I was; she helped make it the perfect day, and I wouldn't have traded her out for anyone. Though she's just starting her business, it seems like she has tons of years of experience and handled everything flawlessly. I definitely recommend Kindra to anyone planning a wedding - you won't regret it! 


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Edwin  & Sharon

Planning a wedding is hard enough but planning one in a different state is stress and anxiety inducing! Kindra made the planning process super easy and fun regardless of location. We always felt reassured after every zoom meeting and every email we received. Kindra had very strong communication and much patience with us. On wedding day, she made sure everything ran smoothly and handled every small detail professionally. We hope to work with her again in the future!


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Erik & Savana

Kindra was amazing! She was so much fun to work with and made us feel at ease through every step of the planning process. She is extremely on top of things and maintains a lovely calm demeanor while handling everything, which we loved :) I had absolutely 0 stress on our big day because I knew she had everything under control. Can't recommend working with her highly enough.

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Libby & Matt

Kindra was the consummate professional wedding planner. We were planning the wedding from across the country, and Kindra was organized, and helped ease our minds by answering all our questions. The day of the wedding, Kindra was calm, collected, and made sure everything ran smoothly. We highly recommend Kindra for any couple that's looking for a planner that's thoughtful, empathetic, and on top of their game. 

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Amanda & Eli



Kindra is the best! She is so relaxed and on top of it that it puts you at ease about your wedding immediately. She has so much experience in many different event types so she will be able to help you with whatever kind of wedding or event you are looking to have. I was able to text or call her at any given time about any little wedding details and she would respond so quickly and helped out so much! She thinks of all the things you don't think of immediately when planning a wedding which is so important. On the day of we had no worries and did not think for a second about the progression of the day because Kindra was so on top of it and made sure we were where we needed to be and that we had everything we needed to have the best day ever! I cannot recommend her enough, she is incredible to work with and will ensure that your wedding will run smoothly and that you don't have to think about those kinds of logistics on the day of.


Olivia & Ryan

Ah, so much love for Kindra. We contacted her about a month before our wedding after our original coordinator ghosted us. Kindra was extremely communicative and had written more to us in our initial contact email than our previous coordinator did in the 8 months we worked with her. Kindra is incredibly organized and was very timely with every task we had for her; I never had any fears/anxieties/doubts about the things we had asked of her because she was so confident and organized. Leading up to the wedding, Kindra would send us emails about what she was working on, and then would follow-up with confirmations after she had completed a task which really helped put our minds at ease knowing that someone so competent was handling big items for us.

The day before the wedding, Kindra walked through our venue with us, which was so appreciated especially because our venue manager did not bother to show up. We were met with various logistical challenges we hadn't anticipated (like getting electricity to our ceremony site) and Kindra kept a cool head and was very flexible when working through solutions. The day of the wedding, Kindra was such a calming presence and I had absolutely zero anxieties because she had everything completely under control. She set up our reception exactly as I had envisioned, and she did such an amazing job managing our vendors so we never had to worry. I truly can't stress enough how important it is to have someone like Kindra managing your wedding day; it really says a lot when the bride and groom did not have to worry AT ALL about anything because they have someone like Kindra :)

In short, Kindra is extremely professional, organized, and anticipates your needs before you even realize you need them. She keeps a cool head under pressure and is super relatable and kind. While losing our original coordinator was frustrating, it all worked out in the end because we were in Kindra's extremely capable hands. Thank you, Kindra!


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Savannah & Jackson


Kindra is a must have at your event! We hired as our month of wedding coordinator, but she was so much more than that! Kindra went above and beyond during every step in our planning process, from keeping us on track with booking vendors, guiding us though creating a day of timeline, to being there on the big day for anything we needed. Kindra was supportive and gave honest feedback throughout our decision making process- she is incredibly knowledgable about everything wedding related! If you are looking for a fun, caring, and highly qualified event coordinator, look no further, Kindra is your gal!


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